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Unfortunately, many buildings’ efficiencies erode over time, even high performance buildings, due to a number of factors: poor maintenance resulting in lower performing systems, poor operation procedures, operating system components that have far surpassed their useful life and building usage changes. All of these represent opportunities to reduce energy consumption and operation costs.

We are committed to offering our clients open protocol controls solutions as a Johnson Controls Authorized Building Controls Specialist and through our relationships with KMC and 75F.  Each manufacturer brings innovation and engineering excellence to the BACnet® open protocol, giving our clients more flexibility with their controls systems. Whether it’s a new system for new construction, an upgrade for existing systems, building system integration and maintenance or component replacement, HEP has vast experience with complicated and large scale projects.

  • HVAC Controls
  • Energy Usage Dashboards
  • Single and Multiple Building Control Systems
  • Sensors
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Thermostats


Our highly skilled team of professionals can help you regain control of your building’s energy consumption through a number of different approaches including:

  • Long-term Asset Planning
  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy Audits
  • Building Tune Up
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Building Automation System Upgrades
  • Operations Training
  • Building System Monitoring

Control How Your Building Operates

With sophisticated controls, it’s now possible to access your building’s HVAC systems from your phone, computer or tablet. Owners and operators are also able to give access to various employees and protect who is able to change HVAC settings in order to ensure the building is operating at maximum comfort and efficiency.

Harrison Energy Partners will provide training to your employees on how to operate the dashboards, change temperatures and plan for upcoming events that may require more or less of your system. Whether you’re in Central Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas, or Eastern Oklahoma, HEP associates and technicians are available to help support your controls integration.

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